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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today is the one year anniversary of the Baldie Blog!
For those of you who have nudged in and scraped around with these
little shorts, I thank you.
And now a brief explaination;
My intention with the blog was to keep the writing going in some small fashion after the birth of our son Mason, going until we pass the critical point (who would have guessed there was no point, just an infinite line?). Many stories were taken out of the original Baldie Stories collection, wiped off and posted, but now, there are more than 35 original stories that have tracked a year filled with both joy and sorrow. Many of the new stories have been stark, terse, and often dark - different from the earlier shorts; my attempt has been to use this blog to experiment with style and voice and theme, an effort has been made to bring the language and style to the narrowest point possible, an effort born after finding that my novel, SuperDuper, had grown to over seven-hundred and forty pages, proving nearly impossible to edit without honing some serious "narrowing" chops.
The darkness comes from illness and death that have surrounded our small nest as well as the plague of desperation that comes with a failed economy and worries about how to realize dreams and a future filled with hope in a society that seems incapable of making even one intelligent decision that wasn't hung with selfishness, ignorance and greed.
But dark days pass and the stories will flourish again, smile again, and find the voice that is now being spoken in the series here - "Out of Town" - the last part to be issued tomorrow, one year from the first day I posted a real story here on Blogspot.
thanks all who have taken the time,

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