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Friday, August 30, 2013

Baldie Drawing in Blue

      "Papa, I drew a picture of you."
     "Is this me, here. Right here with big muscles?"
     "Haha! No that's the tree silly."
     "Oh, I was wondering why I had all that hair!"
    "Those are leaves! Leaves on the tree!"
     "So where am I? Is this me, here?"
     "That!? No! Haha! That's a rock! "
     "Oh. I thought maybe because..."
     "Because it doesn't have any hair?"
      "No, Papa.  This is you."
     "Wow! That's fantastic! I didn't see it at first..."
     "Haha! Papa, your teasing me! This is your little hair, all along the top!"
     "Good job! Along is a good word..."
     "And I you have a rectangle body! And I... I forgot to put hands!"
      "Are those my eyes, right there by my chin?"
      "Yes - haha! Your engabberest!"
      "I'm what?"
      "Em-grabber-rest ?"
      "Yes that!, and I colored you blue."
      "I see that. I love blue."
      "Me too."
      "Why am I embarrassed?"
      “Haha! Haha! Cause you used to have hair and now you only have little hair!"
     "Your a funny kid. Ha! But come here, let me tickle you for teasing the old man! And you want to know something?"
      "What papa?"
      "See all this hair on your head?"
      "I have a lot and you have little!"
      "For now baby, for now! But one day...."
     “I know Papa.”
     “What do you know?”
“I’ll have more hair, like you did in the old pictures and your little hair will be even littler and littler and littler forever.”
“Come over here wise-guy. It’s tickle time again.”

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