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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mouse in my hair

     It was the mouse, scratching, scritching, making something out of nothing, nothing in the kitchen at three A.M., three oh-five, oh-nine, oh-dear sweet… Something - something about a meeting, very big job, very big money, an architect, nice guy – lots of hair, lots, it grew while you watched… scritching, tick, tick, ticking three oh-what was that? A client, a big deal, a big challenge, a big – head of hair too… what was that? It was the mouse, scratching, scritching, making breakfast in the kitchen, sweating over a hot stove, under a blanket, looking for some sleep at; at three oh – oh – look out, he’s gonna poo! Gonna poo! Get that diaper… the boy’s got a lot of… hair for – what, one and a half? How do I keep that kid alive? How do we keep him smiling, fed, safe, bug-free, lint free, lint-free?
     FOUR am.
     Four oh-look out, it’s falling off the wall – you want that bronzed? Sewn, Buckled, Carved, Carpeted, Spun, Extruded, Dipped, Plated, Wrapped, Ironed, Injection-molded, Breaded, Framed? Linted? I can have it linted for you. If you’d like it linted, at four thirty a….m….
     It’s not him – don’t worry he’s asleep, it’s the mouse; I hear it, scratching, keeping me up, waking me up, every other nightmare, every other worry, every other dealer, owner, buyer – how much if I have it Dyed, Waxed, Drawn, Flocked, Buttoned, Sealed, Hammered, Gilt, and how long will it take, I got a guy in Chelsea who wants it for his hair… Thirty-six thousand square-feet – per floor, that’s a lot of squares, squeeks, scratches, scritching – guy’s got a head on him like a skunk – at…
     Five AM! Ding-a-Ling! Papa! UP! UP! Ding-a-Ling! Baa-Baa! Baa-Baa! Baa-Baa!
     At Five-oh-dear!

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